I want you all to be the first to know that I am about to debut my first album. This is a private fundraiser between me and YOU — the special people who have been a part of this journey for a while. You have already been a huge support to me and I thank you. Now that I am on the cusp of the culmination of years of writing, I hope that you'll join me in bringing this CD into the world.

Love, Morgan

How much?

This album will cost about $15,000 (check out a 5-Song Album teaser here!)

  • Please feel free to give as you feel comfortable. I appreciate any given number, higher or lower than the amounts listed below.
  • I am happy to send out a signed copy of the CD to every person who funds this project!
  • At the $1,000 mark = you will be listed as an Assistant Producer on the CD, or unlisted if you prefer.
  • $2,500 = an Assistant Producer credit plus a house concert with me.
  • $5,000 = an Executive Producer credit plus a house concert with myself and Adam DeGraff.

If preferred, you can mail a check directly to me. (Morgan Weidinger, 64 Charlesgate E #66 Boston, MA 02215)

Q & A !

Me and Dave Snyder at Guilford Sound

Me and Dave Snyder at Guilford Sound

What costs go into making an album?

  • Recording: Dave Snyder is a world class recording engineer based out of Vermont. His contribution to this project includes not only his artistic engineering skills, but also a half-price daily rate to record with him at his studio.  He also gave me two full days for free so I could make sure it was the place for me. Those happened in mid-March we already have 7 songs recorded. http://guilfordsound.com
  • LivingHousing, gas, and food. When I go to Vermont I stay in a beautiful house built for artists recording at Guilford Sound. http://guilfordsound.com/artist-housing/new-housing/
  • Mastering: Mastering is the final process the songs will go through before they can be put on a CD. After Dave and I finish recording and mixing the album, we will send it to a Mastering Engineer. It is sort of like putting the seal on a paintjob, or torching the crème brulee. For this process, I have in mind Adrian Carr. http://www.acmastering.com
  • Publishing: I'll use CD Baby for publishing https://www.cdbaby.com
  • Printing CDs: I will start by printing 1,000 CDs

Why are we not running this through Kick Starter?

  • While running a public campaign through companies like Kick Starter can be an effective and credible way of raising funds, these websites take up to 10% of the total money raised. For this project, that means that over $1,000 of your money could end up going to Kick Starter alone.  I am trying to crowd fund as economically as possible and rest on the relationship Adam and I have established with you, personally.

Who is Adam DeGraff?

  • Adam is a good friend/mentor/musician. He is donating his time to help open doors and create opportunities for me to share what I love to do. I am very thankful for his support.

What happens if we exceed the goal of $15,000?

  • If the goal is exceeded, I will use 100% of the profit to make professional videos for YouTube to go along with the release of the album. Video may be the most effective way of spreading the word these days. This will be my next immediate priority after finishing the CD.


  • I am very thankful for your donation. I pledge to use it carefully and will be keeping a detailed spreadsheet of donations and expenses. Please feel free to request a copy at any time.