Shaken, not stirred

If you are reading this, you've been given the unlisted link to Goldfinger, the private party project existing to uplift the good faith of classy revelry. 

Brass tacks

If we're talking money... my price is $1,000 per solo concert. If this exceeds your budget, price can be negotiated based on what/where/when you need me. If you are booking multiple nights in a row, for a convention or event of the like, let's negotiate a package price.

If we're talking location, put me where you want me. In NYC, travel/stay is included in concert price. If plane or significant driving is required, I will ask for travel and hospitality costs to be covered separately.

If we're talking musical material, what do you want to hear? I am happy to learn reasonable requests and arrange them for the violin/looper in addition to my stockpile of covers and original material.



Morgan Weidinger

649 E 9th St. B4 Manhattan, NY 10009

(646) 988-7364