I want you all to be the first to know that I am about to record my second album. This is a private fundraiser between me and the people who have been a part of this journey for a while. You have already been a huge support to me and I thank you. Now that I’ve written and performed these songs in NYC for the last year and a half, I hope that you'll join me in bringing this CD into the world.

Love, Morgan

How much?

This album will cost between $20,000-30,000

  • I’m looking at studios. I would consider going back to Guilford Sound where I recorded before; however, I would likely chose a studio near NYC like Teaneck, Carriage House or Bunker.

  • I will be paying an organization like The Orchard to market and promote the album, unlike my first record. My goal is to get the songs on Spotify playlists - eventually leading towards finding a manager who could help me open on tour for someone established.

If preferred, you can mail a check directly to me. (Morgan Weidinger, 64 Charlesgate E #66 Boston, MA 02215)

Q & A !

What costs go into making an album?

  • Recording

  • Living: housing, gas, and food.

  • Mastering

  • Publishing

  • Marketing

Why are we not running this through Kick Starter?

  • While running a public campaign through companies like Kick Starter can be an effective and credible way of raising funds, these websites take up to 10% of the total money raised. For this project, that means that over $2,000 of your money could end up going to Kick Starter alone. I am trying to crowd fund as economically as possible.


  • I am very thankful for your donation. I pledge to use it carefully and will be keeping a detailed spreadsheet of donations and expenses. Please feel free to request a copy at any time.