To deal in pennies

Why thank you for the 93¢

Sir, not that it would have made

My life any easier 

If you had 7¢ worth of forgiveness


To deal in pennies

In 2018

I must be in Missouri 

I must be in a shack that serves pizza

With a battered AC unit

At least they have 

Warm olives,

Sweaty banana peppers


By the power vested 

In polycarbonate tongs


We’re near enough to 4/50ths 

Of a dollar

Over a dollar 

I believe that extra 7¢ of coffee

Hit my empty gut

The combination of it

And the oven that is August

Has a charming way of 

Bending me over 

To vomit

And my body

Has an adorable way

Of denying me my due ejection 

So I dry heave my way home

With a stomach unleavened